2017 Get Right

After a holiday season of gorging on sweets and going off all our diets let’s get back at it! I’ve been gone from posting with any consistency after my back injury over the summer. I’m slowly getting back into squats and deadlifts as I could tell getting away from them led to a big decrease in my power. There’s a reason they say those two lifts are king. 

Tonight was all about a quick AB routine to get right.

ABS: Superset both till failure no rest in between. Do as many crunches as you can then go right into the next exercise. When you can’t do anymore start back over. Go until you can’t do any reps on one exercise. Take two minute rest and repeat.

Crunches and AB wheel

My wonderful wife got me a inversion table so I did my crunches inverted. While getting in a great stretch.


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