All it takes is all you’ve got.

In my life I’ve done a lot of physical fitness testing with other people. Trying out for the Marines and serving 5 years,  testing for the Navy, for a job as a Police Officer-my current role, and now, as I contemplate a career change, to be a Firefighter. I’ve tested in the pool, in runs, pullups, push-ups, aerobic and anaerobic. “All it takes is all you’ve got” is a catch phrase for some and a lifestyle for others.

I’ve seen grown men quit on a mile and a half run. Tap out in push-ups, give up in sprints and call it a day in the pool. How do I know they quit? If you give it all you’ve got your either gonna crack your face in the push-up position when your arms give. You’ll pass out in sprints or collapse on the long run. They best pull you out of the pool if you claimed you gave it everything.

Now it’s fine to not be able to do it. But you best give it your all. “Never Quit”. If you fail but you gave it everything you have there is no shame, none. Go back, work on your weak spots and get back on it.

Why this topic today?

Again I’ve seen people quit one lap in during a mile and half run. No joke just walked off the track. He was on a good pace wasn’t like he was injured either. This weekend I saw a guy give it all. During the dummy drag portion of the firefighter CPAT test, you could tell the guy wasn’t gonna make it. He was already gassed. He couldn’t drag the dummy. Didn’t have the anaerobic ability or the strength. Didn’t matter to this guy. He was falling over and the last ten yards he was low crawling, dragging himself and the dummy. That’s heart. He gave it everything he had and there is no shame in that. That’s the kinda guy you want in your foxhole. He is never gonna quit on you and he will battle till his last.

In a world that lacks a crucible trial or event for most people (get some, warriors), folks don’t see their breaking point. They never see how much heart they have. When the rubber meets the road are they gonna gut it out or call it a day?

There is no shame in chasing your dream. But if you aren’t going to make it you better look deep down inside yourself and do a gut check. Did I give it my all? Do I have anything left? Everyone should find their breaking point, their gut check moment and see who they truly are.


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