Green Gainz

So first. Welcome back to PumpingGridiron. Now where I’ve been and where I’m going.

I had an injury to my back in June that laid me up for a solid week. (Remember to always keep your core tight. Even if it’s a warmup weight… Especially as you age…. And stretching….) After that injury I got away from posting and updating. I would’ve liked to break more game tape as fantasy football drafts approach but I couldn’t even be seated. Good chiropractic, massage and trigger point injections got me back quick.

For years, after being in the Marines, I’ve had major issues with my stomach. I wasnt digesting food properly. I’d constantly be plagued with bloating, diarrhea and gut pain. A few years ago these issues led my doctor to believe I might have liver or pancreatic cancer. Scans and further testing showed me clear of those scares. Further food allergy testing lately showed I have food allergy issues. I’m currently on a elimination diet and likely will stay with it for the rest of my life. So for the past month I have been on a Pescetarian diet (“vegans” who still eat fish, vegans get upset because we still eat animals). I’ve been mostly vegan staying away from all four legged protein, chicken, dairy, eggs and gluten. My tests showed that  I have a legit (IgE) allergy to all things bovine-beef, dairy, etc. I have lots more sensitivities to most the foods I enjoyed, and a couple bonus allergies like mushrooms, which I was stoked about because I hate.  Due to my workout and demands, I didn’t go completely vegan and continue to eat fish and turkey does not upset or exacerbate my stomach issues. My gut is still wrecked from my time in the military but there has been improvement.

I was using whey based protein before and went through many different brands trying to find things that didn’t irritate my gut. Protein gas was the least of my issues. Currently I’m using Vega Sport protein and PharmaFreaks Vegan Freak protein to supplement my protein intake. Vega Sport naturally has tumeric which helps with stomach inflammation and probiotics to help with digestion. It’s also non GMO certified. Trust me when I say they have come a long way in taste and especially availability.

As I follow these new diets I hope you’ll stick around and see what happens. I did drop about 10lbs and my wife claims it was inflammatory weight and I’m more defined. (Loss of #gainz)… It’s not an easy lifestyle choice or decision. But I hope you enjoy this blog and learn with me as we go down this new road.


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